What on Tik Tok Does the Term “4 Lifers” Mean? Described Slang Word!

A new slang phrase is trending on the video-sharing platform TikTok. Just what does “4lifers” refer to? Do we know?

If you’re not a member of Generation Z, you probably won’t understand most of the wacky slang and acronyms used on TikTok. The word “4lifers” has recently gone viral, but what does it actually mean? For a comprehensive explanation, please refer to here.

The Meaning of “4 Lifers” on Tik Tok Is Unclear

If you hear someone on TikTok mention “4lifers,” they are talking about a group of friends they plan to keep in their life for the long haul.

what on tik tok does the term "4 lifers" mean? described slang word

It doesn’t matter if they’re friends, family, siblings, or coworkers; any group of people will do. The only requirement for “4lifers” is that they stick with you “for life.” Where did this phrase first appear, then?

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The Origin of This Item Is a Virus-Propagated Tik Tok

TikTok user @boobackbaby’s video featuring the phrase caused it to trend worldwide.

Video’s rapper and producer, Lucki, asks, “What we are? 4lifersss!” After @boobackbaby‘s initial success, the sound was adopted by other users and quickly rose to prominence as one of TikTok’s most widely-used catchphrases.

You can also abbreviate the term to Simply calling yourself a “4L” shows that you’re part of the “4lifers” community. This is why you can now understand what someone means when they say “4L” on TikTok.

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