Where to Read “Business Proposal” Original Webtoon Version of Korean Drama

The new K-drama Business Proposal on Netflix and SBS has been a hit with viewers from the very first episode. The webtoon “A Business Proposal” was successfully adapted into a popular Korean television series. The episode guide, where to find it, and other details about the webcomic A Business Proposal are all listed below.

Stars like Ahn Hyo Seop (Abyss, Lovers in the Red Sky, and Dr. Romantic 2) and Kim Se Jeong (School 2017, etc.) fill out the stellar cast of the K-drama Business Proposal.

Those who have read the original manhwa have praised Netflix’s webtoon adaption as being faithful to the source material and featuring a stellar cast.

Who Created the Webtoon Proposal for The Business?

Narak’s eccentric illustrations bring Guava Farm / Perilla’s witty script for the popular webtoon A Business Proposal to life. The publisher’s website states that Haehwa’s original work serves as the inspiration for the webtoon.

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How Much Does It Cost to Read a Webtoon Business Plan on The Internet?

You may read every episode of the webcomic A Business Proposal that has been uploaded to Tapas right here. Use the Tapas app and you may watch all the episodes for free.

After installing the app and signing up, you’ll get access to the first five episodes at no cost. Plus, every Tuesday, readers may access brand new, free episodes (except the last 32 episodes).

where to read "business proposal" original webtoon version of korean drama

Go to Kakao to check out the webcomic’s original home.

There have been 108 episodes of A Business Proposal available, with a cumulative viewership of nearly 6.7 million. In addition, there are now more than 195,000 readers of the webcomic. Here’s a sneak peek at the webtoon’s exciting conclusion: Business Proposal.

Tae Mu and Ha Ri: What Happens in A Business Proposal Webtoon

Since the webtoon is still being updated, English-language fans will have to be patient to find out how it ends, but the storyline has been thrilling thus far.

In the webcomic, Tae Mu and Ha Ri tie the knot and have a steamy honeymoon. In episode 106, Tae Mu learns that he has transformed from a workaholic into a ‘Wife-o-holic.’

where to read "business proposal" original webtoon version of korean drama

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We have excellent news for all you Sunghoon and Young Seo shippers out there: things are about to heat up between these two in the webtoon, and the wedding bells have already started to ring!

Since the Netflix show has been fairly faithful to the webtoon thus far, viewers can expect more hot scenes between Tae Mu and Ha Ri in the future, but they’ll still have to wait to find out how everything turns out.

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