Who Was Black Tom Cruise, A.K.A. Otis Perkins? The Death of Otis Perkins Shocked Fans

Otis Perkins, also known as Black Tom Cruise, passed away on July 24. The news of his passing was confirmed by his fiancee.

Through the years, Otis had amassed a sizable group of devoted followers. Because of his talent, he has even been dubbed the “black Tom Cruise.” The accident occurred on July 11 and involved the social media star. As a result, Otis required immediate medical attention. His passing was confirmed on July 24; a sad day indeed.

About the Otis Perkins Character

Otis was a prominent athlete, and his deadlifts earned him a lot of attention. Otis would give him over 110k Instagram followers a preview of the workouts every now and then. He advocated a healthy lifestyle and even encouraged others to do so.

Otis didn’t just post about his development on Instagram; he also did so on YouTube. The popular internet figure was known by his alias, “Black Tom Crusie.” Otis has even launched a company under that moniker. He launched BTC POWAA, an inspirational blog about living a strong, positive life.

Who Was Black Tom Cruise, A.K.A. Otis Perkins? The Death of Otis Perkins Shocked Fans

Otis’s webpage describes a lifelong battle with obesity. Likewise, he was enrolled in a school for children with learning impairments. Otis’s fortunes changed when he joined the football squad in middle school and continued through high school.

After that, Otis made sure he had plenty of opportunities to play sports. That’s why he’s been hitting the gym so consistently now. Otis’s consistent training was a major factor in his success.

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In What Way Did Black Tom Cruise Perish?

Otis was involved in an automobile crash on July 11. An influencer on social media was taken to the hospital immediately and underwent back and right eye surgery.

Otis has been supported by a GoFundMe page set up for him. However, after the operation, the social media celebrity experienced a high temperature and symptoms related to pneumonia in her lungs. Otis’ fiancee Lynn Wilson claims that he died of a heart attack after his lungs were oxygen starved.

As of this writing, no information regarding the memorial service has been made public. Lynn, however, noted that she will soon be providing additional information on the subject. The family of Otis needs some space at the moment.

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People Honor a Social Media Icon

After hearing the news of Otis’ confirmed death, fans were struck with disbelief. ‘Damn rest in peace to black Tom Cruise,’ one user commented. I first became interested in weightlifting thanks to the fervor he and Larry radiated, as well as their hilarious use of slang. such a waste to leave this world at such a tender age.

Who Was Black Tom Cruise, A.K.A. Otis Perkins? The Death of Otis Perkins Shocked Fans

A third person chimed in, saying, “Rest in peace, Otis “Black Tom Cruise” Perkins. During our workouts, my training partner and I frequently mimic his encouraging yells and swagger. Only 39. The fitness industry has lost a positive voice.

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