Love Death + Robots Season 3 – Release Date & Confirmation on Netflix!

There is a new teaser for the third season of Love, Death & Robots, and it shows off some of the upcoming animated shorts. For the second season, “Three Robots” will be reprised with a sequel. There are glimpses of epic space adventures, mouse-commanding armies, a maritime quest, and our three favorite robots contemplating the demise of humanity in the trailer. What a variety!

Tim Miller (Deadpool) and David Fincher (The Bourne Ultimatum) are behind the adult animated anthology (Fight Club). Both the first and second seasons were released last year. Shorts in the sci-fi anthology series tend to be edgy and intense, but there has been a vast range in their edginess.

What we may expect from the third volume?

Because of its trademark wit and visual inventiveness, which in the first two seasons have flawlessly mixed fear and fantasy in the midst of turmoil created by ancient horrors and parodic apocalypses.

love death + robots season 3 intro

This week, Alamo Drafthouse is offering free screenings of Seasons 1 and 2 highlights, new footage from Season 3, and a Q&A led by Collider’s Steve Weintraub in the lead-up to the launch of Season 3 in the US.

Three Robots: Exit Strategies

The long-awaited direct sequel to John Scalzi’s critically acclaimed science fiction novel Love, Death + Robots. The title trio of droll droids returns to explore post-apocalyptic human survival techniques before mankind was eventually extinguished.

Patrick Osborne is the director of this film.

In the words of John Scalzi, the author.

Blow Studio is the name of this studio.

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Bad Traveling

A huge crab with appetites to match its size and intelligence attacks a Jable shark-hunting sailing schooner. Welcome aboard David Fincher’s first foray into animation, where mutiny, betrayal, and ventriloquism with a corpse await.

Andrew Kevin Walker wrote the story, based on Neal Asher’s short story.

In this case, it’s Blur Studio.

David Fincher is the director.

ove death + robots season 3.

The Very Pulse Of The Machine

Moebius-inspired tribute to comic book legend Moebius features an astronaut lugging the dead body of her co-pilot while taking potentially mind-altering medicines to deal with her own injuries after an exploratory mission on the moon Io goes awry.

When Will It Be Available?

Filmmaker David Fincher is presently in post-production on a Netflix sequel to his Oscar-nominated “Mank,” “The Killer.” “The Killer,” based on Alexis Nolent’s graphic novel, tells the story of an assassin who gets a conscience and begins to crumble psychologically. Tilda Swinton and Michael Fassbender star in the film.

love death + robots season 3 release date

On Netflix on May 20th, “Love, Death & Robots” Volume 3 launches.

Night of the Mini Dead

It begins with a little cheeky cemetery sex and quickly escalates into an all-out zombie invasion that takes over everything from downtown Los Angeles to the Vatican in this cutting zombie parody. In the process of chewing on it, the planet is ending.

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The Killing Team

A ‘roid-fueled, adrenaline-fueled force of young, foolish, and blood-drenched US soldiers face a new enemy, the result of a CIA experiment that goes pretty fucking Grizzly. Directed by the man behind Kung Fu Panda 2


A narrative of dread, sex, and philosophy on the farthest frontier, as two post-human scientists, explore an insectoid race that appears to be completely dumb. For the first time, Tim Miller has written and directed a film adaptation of Bruce Sterling’s best-known Cyberpunk novel.

love death + robots season 3

Mason’s Rats

They start shooting back when you have a pest control issue. Raccoons are invading Scotland and a farmer is taking dramatic measures to cope with them. Exterminator: The day of reckoning.

Entombed in Vaulted Halls

Terrorists have kidnapped a hostage in the mountains of Afghanistan, and a team of Special Forces soldiers is on the case. But the real threat they face is an ancient and fearsome deity.

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In this reimagining of the ancient folktale of a siren whose music draws men to their destiny, fantasy and greed collide. But her wizardry fails to work on Jibaro, the deaf knight, and the Golden Woman becomes enamored with him. A lethal dance between two predators has begun.

Below you’ll find a trailer

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