$10,800 Distributed for Economic Equity Program: Democratic Mayor Bowser

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An expensive 5-day trip to Miami was financed by the Economic Equity Program under the Democratic Mayor’s administration.


Washington D.C Mayor Muriel Bowser distributed thousands of dollars to low-income Moms:

Miami beach
a 5day expensive trip to Miami: DC Mayor Bowser (Photo: Blogspot)


A low-income mother received financial support as part of an “equitable economic recovery strategy” aimed at addressing the high cost of childcare. In her case, taxpayer dollars were used to fund an expensive five-day trip to Miami. The additional cash assistance provided to her also helped them achieve financial stability, access to food, financial security, and health insurance. According to FoxNewsDigital. 

All the mothers who cooperated in the program are allowed to choose whether to receive monthly payments of $900 or to get $10,800 in total amount, according to the Washington Post.

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A Beneficiary talks about the 5-day Expensive trip!


” I wanted to have fun with my kids to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip without spending my own money”, a beneficiary said.

The beneficiary spent $180 on the vacation to go to the salon and she also took the children shopping.

Democratic Mayor Bowser issued $1.5M to a direct cash transfer pilot program called “Strong Families, Strong Future DC” to support maternal health and advance economic mobility. The program supports single moms with cash so that they can have the freedom to make the best choices for themselves and their babies, Mayor Bowser said.

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