A New Hampshire Inmate’s Cause of Death, unreleased: Nathan Carman’s death, classified as “not suspicious”


The death of a New Hampshire inmate was deemed not suspicious, according to the released autopsy report on Wednesday following the discovery of his dead body in a county jail cell in New Hampshire, as he awaits trial for allegedly killing his mother in 2016.

WEST HARTFORD 08/07/18 Nathan Carman appeared at a hearing in probate court for killing his grandfather for profit. This happened before his now recent charges following his mother’s death CLOEPOISSON|[email protected]


Based on a Fox News‘ article, Nathan Carman, 29, was detained in a county jail cell,  he was scheduled to go to trial this October in New Hampshire following his supposedly inhumane scheme to inherit millions of dollars through the planning and killing of his mother near Rhode Island’s coast. 


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Unexpectedly, following his confinement, he was found dead on June 15 in his cell in New Hampshire. His autopsy report states that his death was not suspicious, determining that there was no crime perpetrated according to the New Hampshire attorney general’s office on Wednesday. A high probability that he committed suicide.


Deaths that are categorized as ‘not suspicious’ are not released to the public by the attorney general’s office, as stated in the Associated Press where spokesperson Michael Garrity announced. Furthermore, the bereaved family requests that Carman’s cause of death should not be released, as said by the U.S. Marshals Service in Vermont.

Norman Carman along with the alleged family members he killed. excluding the woman on the left with his grandfather.


Carman was accused of eight counts of charges, as prosecutors claim that he was organizing a fishing trip with his mother, Linda Carman from Middletown, Connecticut in September 2016, as a way to execute his plan to kill her, making it look like an accident, claiming that the boat sank unexpectedly.

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The prosecution believes that Carman made modifications to the boat, however, Carman denied the allegations, pleading not guilty to the death of his mother as well as to fraud last year


Included in the eight-count indictment is the claim that Carman fatally shot his grandfather John Chakalos in 2013 while he was sleeping, due to the same financial reasons but he was never charged with this accusation. Carman’s attorneys, David Sullivan and Martin Minella blasted the prosecutors for using this case as a basis since Carman’s involvement in this case was never proven. Therefore it is irrelevant to the present case. 


Carman denied being involved in the death of either of those family members.

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