Blue Moon of 2023: Breathtaking Supermoon Delights Skywatchers This Week


Throughout the world, the skies will be lit up by the Blue Moon of 2023 this week, signifying the conclusion of August. Sky enthusiasts are in for a delightful experience as the third supermoon of the year is expected to appear on the evening of August 30th at 9:36 pm EDT, followed by its appearance at 2:35 am BST in the early hours of August 31st.


On Wednesday evening, the Blue Moon of 2023 is set to ascend. Simply gaze toward the eastern horizon shortly after sunset, and you’ll easily locate it; identifying it won’t pose a challenge as it will shine as the most brilliant and largest moon of the entire year. This particular moon holds significance for several reasons: Firstly, it’s not just any full moon; it’s a Blue Moon, signifying the third full moon within a season containing four full moons, as explained by NASA.

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Moreover, according to NASA, the imminent Full Moon will nearly coincide with perigee, the point in its orbit nearest to Earth. This alignment is expected to occur at 11:55 a.m. Eastern on Wednesday. The Blue Moon will undoubtedly manifest as a supermoon.

Furthermore, the Blue Moon of 2023 will have a celestial companion: Saturn, the adorned giant of gas, will make a noteworthy appearance. Positioned only a few days beyond opposition, where it stands directly across from the sun in Earth’s view, Saturn will radiate with remarkable luminosity in the nocturnal expanse.


In astronomical terms, Blue Moons happen quite regularly, appearing approximately every two to three years. The most recent instance of a Blue Moon was witnessed in August 2021, and we can anticipate the subsequent occurrence in August 2024.


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