Cox Cable Internet Provider Adds: An Automatic Surcharge For New Customers

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Cox cable has an additional automatic surcharge for new customers -and there’s no procedure to avoid it. On top of the monthly internet cost, the new Cox customers pay extra fees.

Cox Cable Internet Provider Adds An Automatic Surcharge For New Customers
Cox Cable Internet Provider Adds An Automatic Surcharge For New Customers (Photo: Reviews)


Cox Cable Customers must compensate an activation fee when signing up for Cox Cable services

The Cox Cable one-time modem activation fee is $25. The Cox Cable customers compensate $5 monthly for the modem rental fee. If the service is cut off due to non-payment, they will pay a $30 fee to reconnect the Cox Cable service.
Plus, canceling appointments will set customers back $100. Cox Cable offers internet services costing from $49.99 to $149.99.
One big reason for this Cox Cable additional payment is the provisions of the Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act of 1992.

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Cox Cable Customers can avoid the fees by waiting until the end of the compensation period to upgrade their Cox Cable plans

Stations recently increased prices for the distribution of signals to Charter Communications.

Spectrum and possibly other providers will pass the costs on to customers. Cox Cable Customers have likely sighted a surcharge for payment of $3 to $5.

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