Dax Shepard Car Collection: The Host of Top Gear America Is a Car Fanatic – Look Into It Right Now.


Dax Shepard grew up in Detroit and is a Detroit native. In addition, his family was involved in the automobile sector. His father was a sales representative for Ford. His mother started out as a night shift janitor at General Motors. After years of hard work, she eventually rose to the position of fleet manager at the proving grounds. She went on to start her own company to help GM launch new vehicles. Dax Shepard, a teenager, began working with the photo sessions for the automotive launch. Drifting in Corvettes and Impalas for action shots comes to mind.

Shepard was ready for a position at Sports Fab, a prototype-building specialized shop, by the age of fifteen, thanks to his family’s business. Before GM’s in-house performance division, Sports Fab developed many of the company’s most iconic prototypes. During the winter, Shepard remembers riding his motorcycle to the shop to work on the Snake Skinner ZR1 and the big-block Impala SS. One of Shepard’s favorite features of his new employment at Sports Fab was becoming a stunt driver for prototype photoshoots.

The Car Addiction of Dax Shepard

Top Gear America host Dax Shepard is a car fanatic. He flaunted his 700-horsepower Buick Roadmaster station wagon on Conan, and he previously showed off his garage in MotorTrend. Shepard’s car obsession, on the other hand, is about a lot more than what he owns.

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Fun, adventure, and a whole lot of chaos! Join us on our journey and see Top Gear America premiere in two parts.

Dax Shepard Car Collection

Shepard’s car ethic holds that nothing is sacred. Everything can be improved in terms of performance, appearance, or comfort. As evidenced by his restored ’67 Lincoln Continental car, he has no qualms about tearing down a classic to construct something cool.

67 Continental Lincoln

“I’m not a fan of numbers-matching, original paint, or any of that stuff,” Shepard said. “I have a lot of favorite 1980s films, but I don’t watch them on my Zenith 17-inch TV.” I view them on a 78-inch screen. Despite the fact that they remain my favorites, I want them to achieve their full potential. As a result, I want cars to be able to brake, accelerate, and turn. In no way do I consider myself a purist. “Any car would most likely be wrecked by me.”

Without a doubt, the Continental, which debuted in his 2012 film Hit and Runs, is the most famous example. Its old MEL 462-cubic-inch V-8 has been replaced with a 700-hp Ford Racing crate motor, which left a lot of rubber in our parking lot as he sped away. Big wheels, coil-over suspension, and Wilwood brakes complete the structure.

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Roadmaster No. 94

“I’m into all autos,” Shepard revealed to us. “Words fail me…” This isn’t correct. I don’t want to drive an automobile from before the 1940s, but I enjoy driving just about anything that runs on gas. My hobby is riding motorcycles.

Dax Shepard Car Collection

Off-roading and historic vehicles are two of my favorite pastimes, and I consider myself to have a wide range of classic car preferences. I like it when someone transforms a car that no one else considers cool into something cool.”

The Continental in 1967.

Despite the fact that both he and his mother worked for GM at one point or another, his life in Michigan did not begin with 700-hp cars. Shepard bought his first automobile, a 1976 Pontiac Catalina, for $400 because it was affordable and featured a big-block engine. An ’84 Mustang was shortly substituted.

“I had an ’84 Mustang GT that I took down, rebuilt, and did everything on since I was broke when I was in high school.” I did everything I could on every car I owned until about 15 years ago when I started making money, but it was dwindling.

84 Shelby Gt500

Back then, automobiles were only good for a few weeks. In 1992, I bought an ’84 Mustang. So you’re already a jerk at seven years old? The passenger seat’s weld had failed, and it was strewn all over the place.

Its six-year-old heating core had broken down. Everything seemed to be in its place. The narrator declares, “The f—king shocks were shot.”

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