Enchantedmob Controversy: Enchanted Mob and Za Minion, What Happened to Them?

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MOB Games, the creator of Poppy Playtime, has issued a statement over the sexualization of the FNAF character Circus Baby.

MOB Games, the creator of Poppy Playtime, has responded to a backlash over an animation that purportedly sexualizes Circus Baby, a little Five Nights at Freddy’s figure. Players must explore the Playtime Co. toy factory while being chased by gigantic carnivorous toys in this famous survival horror game. Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 will be released on May 5, but MOB Games is utilizing the occasion to raise awareness about a variety of causes.

While Poppy Playtime has gained a lot of traction since its release in October 2021, it has recently come under fire. Fans of the game were outraged when MOB Games launched a series of Poppy Playtime NFTs in December. Each NFT featured a piece of franchise lore that was sealed behind a paywall, causing much controversy. Poppy Playtime’s premise was also allegedly stolen from Ekrcoaster’s Verge, a survival horror game. In a statement issued recently by CEO Zach Belanger, MOB Games addressed the controversy.

Enchanted Mob and Za Minion, What Happened to Them?

They used to do some fairly nice FNaF song Minecraft animations, but now all I see in my suggested videos are bizarre “Fazbear & Friends” films like “Purple Guy VS Purple Girl,” “Puppet dates Purple Guy” (ew), and Baby in a swimsuit. I’ve unsubscribed from both, and I have a question. What in the world happened? These guys were genuine at first, but it now appears that they are pandering and looking for money.

enchantedmob controversy

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Enchanted Mob Cco Seth Belanger Issued a New Statement.

Another dispute regarding Poppy Playtime and its creators is addressed in a new statement from EnchantedMOB CCO Seth Belanger, which was released to Twitter by MOB Games. The problem arises from EnchantedMob, a MOB Games-affiliated animation studio, which generated meme films. While he was a child, the gang allegedly sent a series of sexualized memes to developer Ekrcoaster.

Circus Baby, a Five Nights at Freddy’s character that is possessed by the soul of a minor, is also accused of being sexualized in some of EnchantedMob’s YouTube content. Seth Belanger firmly disputes both allegations in the statement below, calling the usage of the term “minor” in regard to Ekrcoaster “misleading,” adding, “We were all kids at the time.” Belanger adds to his comments on Circus Baby.

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While Mob Games Is Resolving Controversies in Preparation for Poppy Playtime Chapter 2,

While MOB Games is addressing controversies in preparation for the release of Poppy Playtime Chapter 2, it appears that the developer has also made the first Poppy Playtime free to play on Steam to coincide with the release of the second chapter.

enchantedmob controversy

The first chapter of the survival horror story has been released fully free in advance of the second installment’s publication, most likely to attract new gamers to the series. Players will return to the Playtime Co. facility to battle a new monstrous toy known as Mommy Long Legs in the upcoming sequel.

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Poppy Playtime Is a Smash Hit with Horror Aficionados.

While horror lovers have flocked to Poppy Playtime, MOB Games has been dogged by criticism. While Seth Belanger’s frank response to the controversy surrounding the sexualization of Five Nights at Freddy’s Circus Baby and Ekrcoaster’s Minecraft character is commendable, some Twitter users believe the apology is phony. In light of the criticisms, it’s unclear whether the sequel to Poppy Playtime will achieve the same heights as the first.

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