Governor’s Plan On Rent, Tax Rebates And 911 Funding Passed The House Republican

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Gov. Josh Shapiro’s First Budget Proposal Was Implying Debate As It May Cause Financial Collapse. The Governor’s Proposal Is To Increase Tax Rebates Up To 54%, From Property Tax Of Senior Citizens, Widowers And Person With Disabilities.


Governor’s Plan On Rent, Tax Rebates And 911 Funding Passed The House Republican (Photo: The Turbo Tax Blog – Intuit)


Tax Rebates raise debates and Concerns as it may cause Fiscal Deficit

Tax rebates proposal for senior citizens, widowers and person with disabilities raise concerns and debates among legislators as it may cause financial deficit of $10billion in five years, supposedly a 6% increase of spending is to be made. Gov. Josh Shapiro proposed to increase rebates up to 54% and increase monthly additional payment to telco subscribers in order to fund the 911 system.

Seth Grove, House Republican Appropriations Chairman, said that the concerning part is spending what the state is incapable of. Grove emphasized that these plan will dry out the commonwealth’s reserve, there are many financial crisis in Pennsylvania that addresses concerns to the economy. Grove further stated that Shapiro’s plan is good but it has to be debated to balanced everything thus an economic drought is coming if it will not be addressed properly.


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