8 Ways To Fix The “Instagram Won’t Let Me Login” Error On Your Phone!

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Once you’re signed in to Instagram on your phone, you don’t have to sign in again. But there are some situations in which you might need to sign in, but Instagram won’t let you. You might be using a web browser or have just bought a new phone.

In either case, you want to look at your feeds on Instagram, but you can’t sign in. Here are all the little tricks you can use.

1.) Common Solutions

Check the List Below to See if It Helps Before Moving on To More Advanced Solutions. These Are Answers to Problems that Instagram Users Run Into Every Day.

8 Ways To Fix The "Instagram Won't Let Me Login" Error On Your Phone Or Computer!

  • When there is too much activity on an account, temporary access can be denied. You followed too many accounts too quickly, liked or commented on too many posts, and so on. Instagram thinks this is spammy or bot-like behavior and will lock your account for up to 24 hours. Just wait a day and try to sign in again, but this time does it more naturally and slowly.
  • Make sure you’re using the right email address or username and password. Did you know that you can also sign in to Instagram with your phone number, email address, or username? But don’t use the @ symbol when you enter your username. Check to see if you’re making a mistake with the ID or the password. We also recommend a password manager because of this.
  • There’s a chance Instagram’s server is down. And it won’t be the first time. See if Instagram is down in your country by using Downdetector. You can also check their official Twitter account to see what’s going on.
  • A bad internet connection could make it hard to browse the web. Try a different mobile hotspot or internet connection. Check Fast, which is owned by Netflix, to find out about bandwidth.
  • If you can’t sign in to Instagram on your phone, try updating the app to the most recent version. Check out the Instagram page on the Play Store or App Store.
  • Several common problems that won’t go away can be fixed by restarting the device. It closes all apps and processes by force, frees up system resources, and speeds things up.
    If you are using a VPN or proxy, turn it off. If you have to use one, change your location/IP to a different zone.

2.) Use Facebook

Facebook is the one that owns Instagram. This is important because you can now sign in to Instagram with the same information you use for Facebook. But you can only do this if you set it up ahead of time because Facebook needs you to enter the password for your Instagram account when you link the two.

8 Ways To Fix The "Instagram Won't Let Me Login" Error On Your Phone Or Computer!

Have you connected your Instagram to your Facebook account? Maybe you did, but you’ve forgotten?

You should see the option to “Log in with Facebook” right below the box where you sign in. Just choose the option and put in your Facebook login information.

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3.) Use The Device Where You’re Already Signed In

Most of us already have Instagram set up on our phones. You can change the password on your phone and then try to log in again on the other device/browser. If it works, you should be all set. If it doesn’t, you know it’s not your login information because Instagram won’t let you sign in.

4.) Account Was Turned Off Or Deleted

I know this sounds weird, but have you posted anything questionable lately? Like every other social media site, Instagram has rules about what users can post and how they can interact with each other. If you don’t, you could be banned temporarily or have your account deleted permanently.

8 Ways To Fix The "Instagram Won't Let Me Login" Error On Your Phone Or Computer!One easy way to find out is to ask one of your friends if he or she can look at your profile. If you answered yes, then your Instagram account is alive and well. If not, your account may have been marked as suspicious. Check your inbox to see if Instagram has sent you any emails.

Instagram says that if your account was disabled during that time, you should see a message when you try to log in. But you won’t get a notification if the account was deleted for not following the Terms of Service or community rules.

Do you tell someone else the password for your Instagram account? Talk to them to find out if they changed the password or deleted your account by mistake. Instagram says that deleted accounts can’t be brought back. So be careful who you tell your Instagram login information.

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5.) Clear Cache And Data

Depending on what device you’re using to access your Instagram account, the steps will be different. We’ll talk about the most common ones:

Note: If you delete Instagram app data from your device, you’ll have to sign in to Instagram again. Follow these steps only if you are sure you can sign back into Instagram. One example is if you forgot your Instagram account’s password.

6.) Try To Sign In With A Different Device

It’s also possible that the problem is with the device you’re using to log into Instagram. Not only because of cache and data. There might be another mistake going on here.

If you think the username and password are right, try signing in to Instagram on a different phone, tablet, or computer.

8 Ways To Fix The "Instagram Won't Let Me Login" Error On Your Phone Or Computer!

If you can sign in to Instagram on a different browser or phone, something is wrong with the one you were using before. A good way to get rid of potential bottlenecks.

If you do this, Instagram will have to confirm that you own the account. You should get an email from Instagram with a code or a link. If you have two-factor authentication turned on, which we recommend you do, you will have to enter that.

7.) Log In To Another Instagram Account

Do you have more than one Instagram? If you don’t have an Instagram account, you can ask a friend or family member to sign in to their account instead. If they can sign in fine and you still can’t, that means there’s nothing wrong with the app or device you’re using to sign in.

8 Ways To Fix The "Instagram Won't Let Me Login" Error On Your Phone Or Computer!

If Instagram won’t let them sign in either, the problem isn’t with Instagram. Another way to get rid of some options.

8.) Change Your Instagram Password

If you do this, you will be logged out of Instagram everywhere. But if you’ve read this far, you really don’t have any other choice but to reset your Instagram password.

1. Open the Instagram app or site in a browser and select Forgot password option.

2. In the next screen, either enter your username or email id under the Username tab or your registered phone number under the Phone tab. Tap on Next.

3. If you have entered the correct details, you should see your profile picture and username now. You can either receive the login link via email or SMS. For security reasons, email id and mobile number are both hidden. Select Send Login Link after choosing an alternative and then check your email or message for the link or 6-digit OTP code or link.

Click on the link to change the password in the browser or enter the OTP to continue (Instagram may send either).

4. If you are logged into Instagram on another device, open Instagram there and check for approval notification. This is again for security reasons so you will know if someone is trying to change your account password without your knowledge. In my case, I requested a reset on my iPhone and received a notification on my Android.

Instant Access To Instagram

Instagram is visually appealing in a way that no other social media app is or can hope to be. For Instagram influencers and power users, not being able to log in can be very stressful. We hope that one of the above ways helped you get into your Instagram account again. If Instagram still won’t let you log in, send an email or tweet to support.

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