New Jersey Lottery to Sell Online Tickets, Sparks Debate among Retailers


This strategic move is anticipated to commence in the autumn of 2024, bringing a significant shift to the way lottery enthusiasts engage with the state’s games of chance.

New Jersey Lottery to Sell Online Tickets
New Jersey Lottery to Sell Online Tickets ( Photo: )

The New Jersey Lottery is set to revolutionize its operations to sell online tickets, accessible through its official website and dedicated mobile application

However, the proposal to sell online tickets has ignited a lively debate within the retail sector. The New Jersey Gasoline C-Store Automotive Association, a representative body for gas stations and convenience stores, has expressed apprehension over the potential consequences of this decision to sell online tickets. Members of the association are concerned that to sell online tickets might lure customers away from their physical establishments.

Eric Blomgren, the Chief Administrator and Director of Government Affairs at NJGCA, voiced his concerns, stating, “I just can’t imagine that this won’t take a business that would have otherwise been in neighborhood stores.” Lawrence Valenzano, the owner of Mighty Joe’s Deli and Grill, echoed this sentiment, fearing a decline in customer footfall for his store.

The New Jersey Lottery, in defense of its strategy to sell online tickets, pointed to other states where online ticket sales were implemented, leading to increased sales for traditional retailers

The lottery issued a statement explaining, “The Lottery believes that this increase was directly related to the introduction of online sales and by appealing to the next generation of lottery players.”

While the debate to sell online tickets continues between the potential advantages of reaching a more digitally-oriented demographic and the concerns of brick-and-mortar retailers losing foot traffic, the New Jersey Lottery remains resolute in its aim to adapt to the evolving landscape of consumer behavior. The implementation to sell online tickets could not only reshape the lottery experience but also influence the future direction of retail engagement in the state.


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