Phillip McGraw’s Canal Escape: Florida Man’s Thanksgiving Behind Bars After Alleged Assault Leads to Daring Swim and Multiple Charges

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In a bizarre incident in Florida, Phillip McGraw made headlines after attempting to flee authorities by swimming through multiple canals following an alleged altercation with his neighbor.

Phillip McGraw's Canal Escape
Phillip McGraw’s Canal Escape ( Photo: PBS )

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office reported that Phillip McGraw aggressively confronted his neighbor in the garage before delivering a punch to the face

The situation escalated when Phillip McGraw’s stepfather, James Jones, arrived at the scene, prompting the duo to escape in Jones’ vehicle. Law enforcement attempted a traffic stop, but Jones evaded them, eventually reaching Phillip McGraw’s residence.

McGraw made a run for it, heading towards the canal behind his home. After a daring swim through several canals, Phillip McGraw was apprehended behind a residence on Crandell Court. Bodycam footage captured deputies engaging with Phillip McGraw during the pursuit, questioning his actions and reminding him of a prior encounter.

Phillip McGraw now faces charges including burglary of an occupied dwelling, simple battery, petit theft, and resisting an officer without violence

His bond is set at $32,500. Meanwhile, Jones was taken into custody for suspicion of resisting an officer without violence, securing release on a $500 bond. Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly commented on the incident, emphasizing that attempting to escape from law enforcement only results in exhaustion and additional charges, adding a somber note about a family spending Thanksgiving together behind bars.


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