Police’s Quick Response: Peace in a Rehabilitation Center, disrupted as ‘Irate’ Texas woman came with a gun.

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Friday morning, a Texas active shooting occurred as a woman came unannounced to a rehabilitation facility, allegedly disrupting the peace, bringing a gun along with her.

The woman is legally identified as Sarah M. Carter, 55, a Lancaster resident,  who was arrested and charged with five counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon following the Texas active shooting incident at Royse City Medical Lodge before 9:20 a.m., Friday.

Sarah Carter, Texas active shooter in Royse City Medical Lodge.  (Source – Royse Texas Police Department)


Carter reportedly trespassed the facility yelling an unidentified patient’s name,  said to be her old flame, according to a report by Royse City Police Chief. The Texas active shooting is not the first criminal offense that the woman was involved in. According to authorities, she was also charged with criminal trespassing at the same facility in  March.

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The woman was said to have behaved very badly, yelling her ex’s name while screaming profanities at him during the Texas active shooting.  According to Fox 4 Dallas, Carter allegedly confronted four employees, questioning why her ex was not in his room, the said former lover was moved into a new room just recently.


As the Texas active shooting incident was occurring, the facility immediately contacted the Royse City Police Department and arrived there just on time. In which a patient directly brought them to a room, blocked with furniture at the end of the hall.


Police forcibly pried the door open, and found the woman responsible for the Texas active shooting in the facility holding an SKS semi-automatic rifle, along with two other patients.


The building’s walls and ceiling were full of bullet holes after the Texas active shooting havoc. Luckily no one was injured, though one of the medical center’s employees was believed to have encountered the gun face-to-face in the Texas active shooting

Royes, City Medical Lodge, Location of recent Texas active shooting by Carter


Kirk Aldridge, Royse City Police Chief, was glad that no fatalities have occurred in the Texas active shooting, adding how proud he is for his department’s efficient response. The recent Texas active shooting is actively investigated by the police and as of now there are no additional updates.

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