China’s real threat to us is that they are more skilled at capitalism than we are

China's real threat to us


The robotic march of the Biden government toward Beijing is moving quickly. We paid Janet Yellen’s airfare for another fruitless visit after Antony Blinken’s unsuccessful visit in mid-June, and after Yellen it was the same for John Kerry. Gina Raimondo is in charge this week. What is the purpose of this procession, ask the secretary of state, the secretary of the Treasury, the chief climate envoy, and the secretary of commerce?

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The Biden administration’s robotic march toward Beijing is making good progress. following Antony Blinken’s poor visit in mid-June, we financed Janet Yellen’s airfare for a subsequent ineffective visit, and following Yellen, we did the same for John Kerry. (Photo: Harvard Business Review)

Chinese must be wondering who the Biden administration will send their way

I can’t help but wonder if these officials are sent across the Pacific in order of decreasing competence. With the exception of her regrettable accomplishment in cutting civil service pensions, Raimondo, who previously failed as governor of Rhode Island, is mediocrity in human form. The Chinese must be wondering who the Biden administration will send their way next with resentment, amusement, or both.

In an article from Z Network, the task is the same in each of these situations: it boils down to two duties that appear to be in opposition to one another, as The New York Times’ Ana Swanson put it in a curtain-raiser last week. She spoke of a directive to improve commercial ties between Washington and Beijing while also enacting some of the harshest trade sanctions against China in recent memory.

This is clear, albeit we can do without the word “seemingly.” It is absurd to suggest doing ordinary business while undermining China’s ability to compete in innovative technologies. However, The Times must have its “seemingly,” as it is crucial that we portray the Biden administration as having good intentions and using common sense while dealing with the People’s Republic.

Blinken, Yellen, Kerry, and Raimondo all failed to accomplish anything; there is no hope for Raimondo. Her trip to Shanghai’s Disneyland is the last thing on her calendar, so credit must go to the secretary’s scheduler for the final allusion to fantasies and dreams. According to an English buddy, Americans are currently blinking and yelling a lot over the Pacific. Okay, but I believe that for the time being, it is more of the former than the latter. Simply put, this administration has no concept what a sensible China policy might entail.

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Chinese challenge should and may be seen as an opportunity to reimagine America

Here, there are two things to consider. One, the Biden administration’s efforts to conceal what it is doing on the other side of the Pacific are a direct repetition of the first Cold War, which is now credited to the Soviet Union in all but the most significant history books. We have a duty to provide and support an accurate record in order to prevent this from happening again.

Two, this administration has greatly betrayed Americans by waging war in the Pacific, in addition to the other missed opportunities that Americans are deprived of. Grand and numerous references to the resurgence of the American middle class, bipartisan cooperation, and other similar lofty ideas can be found in that Jake Sullivan address. After reading the speech, consider: What is this country’s leadership doing to promote a competitive America?

The Chinese challenge should and may be seen as an opportunity to reimagine America through a Great Mobilization, cap “G,” cap “M,” of New Deal proportions. Of course, any such proposal is little more than lip service. Instead, we are giving up this historic chance to the military-industrial complex, corporate avarice, and the ambitions of political leaders who have little regard for the greater good.

In Thuppahi’s Blog, perhaps you share my opinion that none of the Biden officials departing for Beijing are sincere about or qualified to do the real work that needs to be done in our ties with China. We must regretfully acknowledge that they are wholly indicative of the state of affairs in which we find ourselves, as defined by a leadership that is, for the most part, uniformly unserious and incapable of addressing the major problems of our time—China being simply one example among many.

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