Iran’s Proxy Warfare: Former US Army Intelligence Officer Sounds Alarm on Ongoing Conflict with United States

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Senate Committee’s Intense Focus on Countering Iran and Its Proxies’ Attacks

Iran’s Proxy Warfare: Former US Army Intelligence Officer Sounds Alarm on Ongoing Conflict with United States. (PHOTO: CNN)

Captain Hamadeh’s Call for Action and Assessment of the Conflict

According to The Media Line, members of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee have been intensely concentrated on figuring out how to prevent Iran and its proxies from attacking the US Army Intelligence Officer, especially Israel. This has only gotten worse in the wake of the more than 150 strikes by Hamas on the US Army Intelligence Officer since the terrorist attacks on October 7. This number does not include the nearly constant rocket attacks and other terrorist acts against Israel carried out by Iranian-backed Hamas and Hizbullah. After a hearing on Tehran’s proxy network, Captain Abraham Hamadeh a former US Army intelligence officer who oversaw an intelligence detail in Saudi Arabia during the Yemen War and was targeted by Houthi missile attacks while on tour spoke to The Media Line and asked, “How many more ships need to be taken down? How many more sailors, or Navy SEALs, have to die? Iran and the US Army Intelligence Officer are at war because of the US’s proxies.

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Hamadeh’s Congressional Campaign and Support for Aerial Campaign Against Iranian Proxies and Tehran’s Long-Term Strategy and Escalating Tensions

Hamadeh, a Druze woman of American descent, is currently running for Congress in District 8 against Representative Debbie Lesko (R-Arizona) with Trump’s support. Hamadeh has declared his support for the aerial campaign against the Houthis and other Iranian proxies. Tehran has a long-term objective in mind. Its ultimate commanders choose strategic patience. US Senator Ben Cardin (D-Maryland), who chairs the committee, said, “Iran thrives on chaos and suffering.” The Islamic Republic’s authorities have an opportunity to get closer to their long-term goal of eliminating their strongest regional foe in light of the Gaza War and the October 7 attacks. According to Dr. Suzanne Maloney, vice president and head of international policy at the Brookings Institution, “Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran, has never wavered in his feverish antagonism toward the United States and Israel.”

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