15 Safest and Cheapest Places in the United States for a Residence

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“Affordable” and “secure” don’t necessarily go along if it relates to housing. We’ve produced a list of American cities and towns that have the best balance of both.

This analysis includes information regarding crime rates and cost of living from various databases.

The majority of the towns and cities in our list of 15 possess a few unique characteristics. Consider suburban areas with populations between 20,000 to 40,000, primarily in the Midwest, but also in the East, Mountain West, and South. Avoid the East and West Coasts primarily.

Three of the top 15 positions go to Illinois. Every of Mississippi and Ohio has two.

You might not be familiar with these locations, but according to our statistics, you won’t find any places that offer a greater balance of low crime rates and reasonable housing costs.

South Kingstown, Rhode Island
Arlington, Massachusetts
Edwardsville, Illinois
Mundelein, Illinois
White Lake, Michigan
Mason, Ohio
Brandon, Mississippi
Lake in the Hills, Illinois
Muskego, Wisconsin
Independence, Kentucky
Madison, Mississippi
Windsor, Colorado
Zionsville, Indiana
Avon Lake, Ohio
Rexburg, Idaho

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