3 Worst Places to Live in North Dakota

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In the quest for ideal places to live in North Dakota, it’s crucial to be aware of areas that might not meet your expectations. Here are the three locations in the state that might not be the best choices for prospective residents.

Places to Live in North Dakota
Places to Live in North Dakota ( Photo: Valley News Live )

Worst Places to Live in North Dakota

Starting off our list of less-than-ideal places to live in North Dakota is the town of Forsyth. Known for its limited amenities and lack of recreational facilities, Forsyth falls short of what many desire in a residence. Additionally, the employment opportunities in this area are limited, which may not be suitable for those seeking a robust job market.

Another area to approach with caution is Middleton. While Middleton does offer some charm, it lacks the vibrant community and educational resources that other parts of North Dakota boast. This may not be the first choice for families or individuals seeking a dynamic and enriching environment.

Lastly, we have Easton, a small town that may not align with the preferences of potential residents. Easton faces challenges in terms of access to healthcare and cultural activities, which could be significant considerations for those weighing their options for places to live in North Dakota.

In the pursuit of the ideal living situation, it’s advisable to carefully evaluate these three places to live in North Dakota, bearing in mind your specific needs and preferences. Remember, each location has its unique characteristics, and what may not be ideal for some could potentially offer what others seek in a home.


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