4 parental rights measures are signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who declares that “our schools are for learning, not brainwashing”

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Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, approved 4 legislation on Tuesday that “empower” families.

Abbott stated in a post that “our schools are for education, NOT indoctrination.”

“Parents should have exposure to the school’s curriculum, library, and instruction for their children. To keep my commitment, I approved 4  measures today. However, there is still more to be accomplished.

At the legislation passing event, Abbott was joined by Texas legislators, parents, and various other “parent empowerment advocates.”

2 of the 4 bills he approved were a deal with sexually graphic books, which refer to the ongoing national debate over book bans. Some school boards have put policies in place to screen out books that consider improper, mainly in states with Republican governors.

House Bill 900 forbids the utilization of “harmful” publications and library materials that contain pornographic, excessively offensive, or inappropriately sexual content.

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