4 victims in a mass murder in California were discovered with head injuries

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The cops are looking for information regarding a mass killing that took place Sunday night that left 4 individuals dead in a remote area of California.

In the isolated Mojave, where they had been called at 11:20 p.m. local time on Sunday, 4 persons had been shot, according to the cops.

According to the news release, 4 individuals were found with severe assault wounds when officers reached the location.

According to an information officer for the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, all received shots in the head. Three victims—one male, and 2 female, were all declared dead at the location, and a fourth victim—a female—was also declared dead at a nearby hospital.

Although they are “rapidly” seeking inquiries, detectives from the Kern County Sheriff’s Office do not yet have an accused or an explanation for the incident. The inquiry was declared “difficult” by the office’s open data officer because of the small number of witnesses to the crime.

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