A county in California is considering the “death penalty” for cannabis cultivation

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A county in California is living out the proverb “one day late and one dollar short” to the fullest.

The Board of Supervisors for Santa Barbara County has just given provisional approval to a law that will force any cannabis firm to close if it is over thirty days overdue on tax payments. Since there are no loopholes to the harsh punishment for any businesses that fail to pay, even a single official expressed worry that the move could result in a “death penalty.”

On June 27, the county’s Board of Supervisors officially approved a change to the county’s cannabis policy. However, the measure must continue to be approved by a second vote within the next month before it becomes officially a law. Concerns were raised by 2 board members over the harsh penalties of the proposal.

“In the county, we don’t receive taxes in this manner. Supervisor Steve Lavagnino said, “I believe we’ve moved from a gentle tap/a slap on the wrist to the death penalty, and there’d have to be something somewhere across that we all agree on.

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