A judge overturns the US-Mexico border’s asylum restrictions yet allows the Biden administration time for an appeal


A federal judge invalidated an order on Tuesday that permits immigration officials to refuse shelter to migrants who cross the border into the United States from Mexico without first submitting an online application or looking for protection in the nation they went through. However, the judge gave the administration of President Joe Biden time to file an appeal before his decision became effective right away.

Since the coronavirus-based prohibitions on protection ended in May, the Biden administration removed a crucial enforcement weapon through an order by U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar of the Northern District of California. The new regulation places harsh restrictions on anyone seeking asylum, but it also allows for limitations and exempts children who are traveling individually.

The Law, which was already functioning for 2 months, “is unable to stay in place,” Tigar ruled in a decision that won’t go into effect for another 2 weeks.

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