A terrifying video displays the moment “Russians use machine guns to cold-bloodedly execute at least nine Ukrainian prisoners”

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It’s believed that the drone film, which hasn’t been fully confirmed yet, shows the third senseless killing of an unarmed Ukrainian in recent weeks.

The video is purportedly shot in the seized Donetsk region, close to the settlement of Ivanivske, Bakhmut.

The horrific footage shows Ukrainian soldiers abandoning their rifles and then slipping out of their trench.

They raise their arms to demonstrate that they are not a threat, then lower themselves to the ground, placing both hands behind their heads.

Following that, the Russian forces unleash a torrent of machine gun fire on the helpless soldiers who are lying on the ground in terrifying pictures that the press has chosen not to display.

After Deep State, an open-source intelligence website, uploaded the clip to their Telegram channel, it started making headlines online.

People who received shots are possibly fighters of the 92nd OSHBr or any of the units given to them,” the volunteer-led organization wrote.

“It had been expected yesterday that the young men from their position were surviving and in confinement, but video published today exposes the killing of Defense Forces fighters.”

The Russians are weird, the channel continued.

They are only able to comprehend force and only in situations where they receive that treatment.

“Since anybody can be gathered, it can be tough to inspire the enemy to quit doing this.”

Anton Gerashchenko, a Ukrainian official, expressed his anger on X, the former Twitter.

“Ukrainian troops who resigned to captive by Ivanivske village near Bakhmut are shot by Russians,” the speaker stated.

“We must put an end to evil and punish it.

“Give weapons to Ukraine!”

Regarding the purported killing, the Telegram channel No to Crime stated: “A footage of an additional war crime done by the Russian occupiers has been released online.”

“They shot nine surrendering Ukrainian soldiers near Bakhmut, on the edge of the village of Ivanovske.”

According to February Morning, a Russian opposed channel, “The invaders killed nine disarmed Ukrainian detainees in the Bakhmut direction.”

“This is the 3rd shooting of detainees in a month,” it said.

“Putin’s nonhumans are beyond human decency.”

The video, which was probably shot in February, is the subject of an inquiry by the prosecutor’s office in Ukraine.

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