A Texas official issues a warning to businesses that support the boycott of Israel


Due to the current hostilities with Hamas militants, a Texas official urged businesses in the state to boycott Israel.

“Israel was the victim of a horrible terrorist attack during the weekend that seemed to have no purpose other than senseless death and damage. “Hamas maintains its violent accusations by threatening to murder hostages in reaction to Israeli counterstrikes in Gaza, while Israel struggles to protect itself,” stated Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar in a statement on Tuesday.

As this dispute develops, I want to warn corporations that my office keeps a list of firms that support the boycott of Israel. “Refusing to deal with, ceasing business operations with, or engaging in any act that is meant to penalize, impose economic damage on or restrict commercial relationships, especially with Israel as well as an individual or organization pursuing business in Israel or in an Israeli-controlled territory” is how Texas Government Code Chapter 808 determines “boycotting Israel.”

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