Abbott says Texas will use buoys to prevent Rio Grande crossings

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To stop people from crossing the Rio Grande unlawfully, Texas officials will start installing chains of specially made buoys, Governor Greg Abbott stated on Thursday.

Abbott announced the development at a Capitol ceremony in which he issued 6 border security-related bills, such as a bill that gives federal agents more authority to detain and seek migrants believed of committing state crimes, one that permits the usage of drones for border surveillance, and one that compensates landowners and farmers whose property is harmed by migrants.

The governor claimed the buoys will complement other efforts the state is making, such as the set up of National Guard troops and the setting up of concertina wire, which he frequently criticizes the Democratic Biden administration for failing to do more to protect the U.S.-Mexico border.

“We’re protecting the border at the border,” Abbott stated. “We will be able to stop people from reaching the border thanks to these buoys.”

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