ACCT Philly’s Heroic Rescue: Abandoned Home in Philadelphia Yields Dozens of Dogs in Distress

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In a surprising turn of events, Animal Protection Officers in Philadelphia, working in collaboration with local police, discovered an alarming situation inside an abandoned residence, exceeding their initial expectations.

ACCT Philly's Heroic Rescue
ACCT Philly’s Heroic Rescue ( Photo: Philadelphia Inquirer )

ACCT Philly, the city’s only open intake animal shelter, detailed the incident on Facebook, revealing that officers were summoned to the deserted property on Sunday

Upon entering, they were confronted with a scene of squalor, piles of trash, feces scattered about, and a distressing sight of puppies, purportedly less than two weeks old, along with their vigilant mother. ACCT Philly reported that the floor was strewn with broken glass and cages, some rusty and stacked, further adding to the dire conditions.

Undeterred by their already occupied kennels, the officers managed to rescue the mother, her newborns, additional adolescent pups, the presumed father, and a pit mix. ACCT emphasized that being the sole open intake animal shelter in Philadelphia, they couldn’t turn away such cases, even if their facilities were at full capacity.

The mother and her newborns have secured placement with a rescue, the remaining dogs urgently require suitable homes

ACCT Philly urged the community to step forward, extending an invitation for fostering, adoption or volunteering at the shelter. Those interested in making a positive impact can find more information on ACCT Philly‘s website. The incident underscores the ongoing challenges faced by the city’s animal protection services and highlights the critical role played by ACCT Philly in responding to such distressing situations.


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