Accused Killer of Tech Executive Bob Lee Pushes for Expedited Trial, Dividing Defense Attorney

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Canny, a prominent lawyer, had intended to postpone the upcoming preliminary hearing, but Momeni insisted on proceeding as soon as possible.

Accused Killer of Tech Executive Bob Lee Pushes for Expedited Trial
Accused Killer of Tech Executive Bob Lee Pushes for Expedited Trial ( Photo: NBC News )

Tech executive Bob Lee’s accused killer, Nima Momeni, is seeking an expedited trial, despite disagreement from his attorney, Paula Canny

Although Canny expressed her preference for a thorough examination of the case, she understood Momeni’s desire to have his day in court promptly. Momeni recently pleaded not guilty to the fatal stabbing of Cash App founder Bob Lee. The incident occurred on a dimly lit street in San Francisco during the early hours of April 4th. During a hearing, Superior Court Judge Victor Hwang determined that Momeni was not likely to flee but posed a threat to the community.

As a result, he granted the prosecution’s request to hold Momeni in custody without bail throughout the court proceedings. San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins stressed the importance of considering public safety in cases involving individuals capable of committing violent acts.

Jenkins argued that someone capable of taking a life poses an ongoing risk to society

Prosecutors revealed that the stabbing followed a confrontation involving Momeni’s sister, with allegations of her involvement with Lee and drug use between the two parties.

An autopsy report disclosed that Bob Lee had alcohol, cocaine, and ketamine in his system at the time of his death. The medical team attempted to save Lee’s life through emergency surgery, but he succumbed to the two heart injuries inflicted by the stabbing. The Wall Street Journal reported that Lee and Momeni frequented an underground party scene known as “The Lifestyle,” prevalent in the Bay Area, which involved casual sex and recreational drug use.


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