After ten days of letting the infant home alone, the mother is accused of murder

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According to authorities, an Ohio mother was charged with murder following leaving her young child alone inside her house for over a week while she allegedly went on vacation.

According to Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley, Kristel Candelario, 31, is accused of leaving her 16-month-old daughter unattended in her house on June 6 so she could go on a 10-day vacation. When she got home from her trip to Detroit, Michigan, and Puerto Rico, her daughter wasn’t breathing, so she dialed 911.

O’Malley remarked that it was “incomprehensible” that a mom might leave her 16-month-old baby by itself for 10 days while she took a vacation. “As parents, it is our responsibility to look out for and take care of our kids. It is extremely horrible to think about how this kid must have suffered in her final days of being alive alone, but we are going to do whatever we can to get justice on behalf of her.

According to authorities, Candelario’s kid was discovered in a Pack-N-Play with filthy blankets and a mattress that had been ruined by pee and feces.

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