From Longwood to Liberty, Alabama Basketball Displayed Its True Potential Over Liberty!

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  • Alabama basketball struggled to fix flaws game-by-game in 2021-22.
  • Alabama’s season-opening triumph against Longwood Lancers seemed to be behind them in Friday’s 95-59 win over Liberty.
  • Turnovers, free throws, and 3-pointers plagued Alabama against Longwood. 19 Crimson Tide turnovers gave the Lancers 11 points. Alabama went 18-for-26 from the free-throw line (69.2%) and 3-for-28 (10.7%) from beyond the arc.
  • Over the four days between games, Oats and players stressed the need of fixing their faults against Longwood. Saturday’s victory over Liberty validated their efforts.
  • The Tide improved against the Flames. Alabama’s turnovers improved to 15, but Oats still wanted fewer.
  • “Better than last game, still too many,” Oats added. “14 assists, 15 turnovers. You’d prefer a better ratio. Going forward, we just need to tidy up that area.”
  • The Crimson Tide shot 31-for-38 free throws, another improvement. Alabama’s deep shooting improved most on the night.

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