Alabama Corrections Officer Takes Her Own Life After Helping Prisoner To Escape From Jail


An Alabama corrections officer took her own life after helping a prisoner to escape from jail.

Casey White
An Alabama corrections officer took her own life after helping a prisoner to escape from jail. (Photo: NBC News)

Alabama Corrections Officer Shot Herself to Death Following Involvement in The Escape of Prisoner from Jail

A 56-year-old Alabama corrections officer named Vicky White took her own life by shooting herself after helping a 39-year-old prisoner, Casey White, escape from jail.

The prisoner was reportedly serving a 75-year sentence for multiple charges, including murder and attempted murder when he escaped from jail with the help of the corrections officer, to whom he was not related despite having the same surname.

According to AP News reports, authorities thoroughly searched for the whereabouts of the prisoner and the corrections officer following the escape, and they were able to locate and rearrest Casey in Indiana after 11 days, while the corrections officer committed suicide.

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Alabama Prisoner Sentenced to Life in Prison After Escaping with The Help of Corrections Officer

Following the rearrest, the Alabama prisoner claimed that he and the corrections officer wanted to build a new life, leading to their decision to escape from the prison without thinking about the consequences of their actions.

The Alabama prisoner was sentenced to life in prison without parole after receiving help from the corrections officer to escape.

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