America Is “At a Dangerous Moment,” According to Henry Winkler Following Donald Trump’s detention, “No one is exempt from the law”


On Saturday, former president Donald Trump was arrested. Henry Winkler hosted a charity event at his Los Angeles home and shared his thoughts on the incident.

The actor was open when questioned about the most recent news regarding Trump while talking to The Messenger at It’s About Humanity’s 5th Anniversary Soirée, which he co-hosted with his little girl and the charity’s co-founder Zoe Winkler Reinis.

He said, “This country is going through a very scary time.” “How can we be so cruel to one another just because we hold different opinions? That is crazy. That might be the definition of madness, after all, if you checked it up.

When later questioned about his thoughts on the incident, Winkler responded in simple terms, “No one is above the law. Right?”

When it came to the topic, Winkler was a little snarkier on social media, asking on X the same day of the detention, “How would [Trump] utilize his mug shot to raise funds?” — referring to the former president’s now-infamous booking photo, which gained popularity once it was made public.

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