American were liberated after being kidnapped and detained in Mexico for eight months

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FBI officials stated on Saturday that an American who had been kidnapped in Mexico and kept captive for 8 months had been set free and was safe.

In Tepatitlán, Mexico, on November 29, Monica De Leon Barba was kidnapped when she was on her way home from a job with her dog, according to the FBI. Monica is from San Mateo County, California, which is located just south of San Francisco.

The bureau stated that efforts to secure De Leon Barba’s freedom were ongoing throughout her experience, even though it was unclear what led to her release.

Robert Tripp, the special assistant leader of the FBI’s San Francisco office, released a statement in which he claimed that “for the last 8 months, FBI personnel in California and Mexico are working diligently with loved ones as well as friends here and in Mexico.” “Our relief and happiness at Monica’s safe return are genuine.”

There was no data concerning her kidnappers, and the FBI has not brought up drug cartels in its communications regarding the case.

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