An Armed Man Poses as U.S. Marshal at Kennedy Campaign Event, Apprehended by LAPD

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The LAPD spokesperson informed ABC News that at approximately 4:30 p.m. local time, a report was received of an individual with a loaded firearm in a shoulder holster and a badge indicating he was a U.S. Marshal.

An Armed Man Poses as U.S. Marshal
An Armed Man Poses as U.S. Marshal ( Photo: TMZ )

An armed man, accused of posing as a U.S. Marshal, was apprehended at a Robert Kennedy Jr. campaign event in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon

The identified individual, 44-year-old Adrian Paul Aispuro an armed man, is presently in custody in Los Angeles on a $35,000 bail, facing a felony charge for carrying a concealed weapon. Kennedy’s campaign released a statement on Saturday, recounting an encounter between Aispuro, an armed man, and the private security team before Friday evening’s speech. Aispuro, an armed man, asserted he was part of the candidate’s security detail and demanded immediate access to Kennedy. The imposter, donning sunglasses, carried what seemed to be a U.S. Marshal badge and federal ID.

Kennedy’s campaign is actively seeking further information from law enforcement authorities regarding an armed man incident. They also asserted that a second armed individual, allegedly accompanying Aispuro, an armed man, was taken into custody by LAPD. However, the LAPD stated on Saturday that they had no information on a second armed suspect.

Kennedy, whose family has a tragic history of assassinations, reiterated his plea for Secret Service protection, claiming he was the “first presidential candidate in history” to be denied such security upon request

They must meet specific criteria outlined by the Congressional Research Service. Upon meeting these conditions, the Secretary of Homeland Security, along with an advisory committee, determines a candidate’s eligibility for Secret Service protection.

It’s noteworthy that Kennedy disclosed that Gavin de Becker and Associates, who received a substantial donation from the namesake for a pro-Kennedy Super PAC, are providing his security detail, marking the first public acknowledgment of this arrangement. When questioned in July about private security, Kennedy was discreet about the specifics, citing security concerns.


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