An immigrant Texas priest elected to the US Synod believes the church should prioritize the underprivileged


According to a particular person, there was a lot of discussion on talking to “the ones on the peripheries” throughout the global synodal process, according to Texas priest Fr. Iván Montelongo. “It’s due to Jesus; Jesus extended his hand to those who were excluded.”

4 Catholics from Canada and 6 non-bishop voting representatives from the United States are going to represent the North American region at the October Synod of Bishops on Synodality in Rome. Montelongo is the organizer of the synod for his region. On July 7, the Vatican released a complete list of attendees.

The church has always extended its hands to the underprivileged, but if it is to do it in significant manners going forward, it must continue to develop and change, the priest remarked in a discussion with NCR shortly after he was appointed. The world synod presents a potent opportunity for both.

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