Ankeny Mom Arrested for Alleged Child Endangerment

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Ankeny mom was arrested for child endangerment charges after her two-year-old child was hospitalized for being malnourished Wednesday.

Child Neglect
Ankeny mom was arrested for child endangerment after her malnourished two-year-old child was admitted to the hospital. (Photo: WHO13)

Ankeny Mom Malnourished Two-Year-Old Child

Ankeny mom Toshia Bruckner, 28, allegedly failed to provide her two-year-old child supervision and food, exposing her to a dangerous and unhealthy situation.

Authorities charged the Ankeny mom with child endangerment and neglect of a dependent person after exposing her child to danger and hazards, which led to her child’s hospitalization.

According to Des Moines Register report, the Ankeny mom received an order banning her from meeting or having contact with her child and other minors under 18 years old following her arrest.

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Two-Year-Old Child Gets Hospitalized for Being Severely Malnourished

During the investigation, the court records revealed that the alleged abuse had already been going on for two years, which began in March 2021, leading to the child’s current situation.

The two-year-old child was admitted to the hospital in Ankeny after being severely malnourished. The Ankeny mom’s child measured more than 2 feet 3 inches tall and weighed 15 pounds and 8 ounces, which is not the normal height and weight for a two-year-old child.

The Ankeny mom was released from the Polk County Jail and will wait for the schedule of a preliminary hearing.

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