Arkansas Man, Raymond Martin Jr., Charged with Capital Murder as Mother’s Remains Found in Freezer

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The grisly finding came to light when concerned family members requested a welfare check.

Raymond Martin Jr.
Raymond Martin Jr. ( Photo: Newsweek )

Raymond Martin Jr. has been charged with capital murder after the remains of his mother, Nancy Glover-Warren, were discovered in a freezer at their shared home

According to court documents, Raymond Martin Jr. had allegedly deceived others by using his mother’s cell phone and social media accounts to create the illusion that she had decided to retire in Hawaii. Meanwhile, her body was hidden in a stand-up freezer in the garage.

Following the discovery of Raymond Martin Jr.’s mother’s remains, Raymond Martin Jr. confessed to the police, as stated in the court documents. The Conway Police Department (CPD) announced that Raymond Martin Jr. has been arrested and charged with capital murder, abuse of a corpse, forgery, fraudulent use of a credit or debit card, and theft of property. The CPD also revealed that Raymond Martin Jr. admitted to strangling his mother during an argument in April.

Concerned family members had grown worried after only receiving text messages from Glover-Warren since mid-April. Despite receiving messages explaining her sudden retirement plans and her alleged happiness in Hawaii, the family found the situation unusual and suspicious. It was particularly perplexing since Glover-Warren’s adult son, who has special needs, required constant care, which she had provided throughout Raymond Martin Jr.’s life.

Further investigations by the CPD, prompted by the family’s ongoing concerns, revealed inconsistencies in Raymond Martin Jr.’s explanations, including doctored images and contradictory stories

Family members mentioned a strained relationship between Glover-Warren and Martin Jr., and some even claimed that Glover-Warren had expressed fear of her son causing her harm. On July 6, during a search of the residence, investigators found Glover-Warren’s body. Confronted by the evidence, Raymond Martin Jr. ultimately admitted to causing his mother’s death during a violent altercation on April 19.

Raymond Martin Jr. described the murder in graphic detail, indicating that he had choked her until she died and even used a bag to cover her face because he could not bear to look at her.  Raymond Martin Jr. has since been detained at the Faulkner County Detention Center, awaiting further legal proceedings related to the charges against him.


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