Armed Suspect Killed By Nashville Cops Responding To Car Burglary Report

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An armed suspect was killed by Nashville cops responding to a car burglary report.

Delama Casimir
An armed suspect was killed by Nashville cops responding to a car burglary report. (Photo: WZTV)

Armed Suspect Chased by The Nashville Cops During Car Burglary Investigation

A 37-year-old armed suspect named Delama Casimir was fatally shot by the Nashville cops during a car burglary investigation at an airport parking lot Thursday.

According to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, they received a report about an armed suspect who was breaking inside vehicles to steal things, and they immediately responded to the report to arrest the armed suspect.

As soon as the Nashville cops located the whereabouts of the armed suspect, they ordered him to stop and surrender, but he refused and ran from them, leading to the long chase.

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Armed Suspect Fatally Shot Following Car Burglary Report Responded by Nashville Cops

Following the chase, there were exchanges of gunshots between the armed suspect and the Nashville cops, wherein one of the detectives, Donovan Coble, was shot and called for help.

Another officer named Tim Brewer responded to Coble’s calls and looked for the armed suspect, whom he later found lying with gunshot wounds from the previous exchange of gunfire.

The armed suspect and Detective Coble were rushed to the hospital, but the armed suspect unfortunately died, Law and Crime reported.

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