Army sergeant sentenced to 25 years for killing BLM demonstrator- Texas governor remains silent over his pardon promise


A U.S. Army soldier who brutally assaulted an armed demonstrator at a Black Lives Matter march in Texas received a sentence of 25 years in jail on Wednesday after authorities highlighted his social media activity and texts to paint him as a violent racist who might attack.

Given that Republican Governor Greg Abbott has stated his desire to immediately pardon Perry, Daniel Perry’s punishment puts the case in the direction of a potentially difficult conclusion.

Abbott requested a pardon proposal for Perry from the state Board of Pardons and Paroles not long after Perry was found guilty in April of murdering Garrett Foster at the Austin march in July 2020.

Abbott claimed Perry had been mistreated by a liberal attorney while supporting Texas’ strict “stand your ground” self-defense rules. After then, Perry’s text and internet history, which included shockingly racist pictures, has come to light, yet the governor has said nothing.

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