Arterio Morris Reaches Plea Deal, Avoids Trial in Assault Case

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This resolution has effectively averted a trial that had been scheduled for October, as confirmed by Morris’ legal counsel on Thursday.

Arterio Morris Reaches Plea Deal, Avoids Trial in Assault Case
Arterio Morris Reaches Plea Deal, Avoids Trial in Assault Case ( Photo: CBS Sports )

In a significant legal development, Arterio Morris, the Kansas guard, has reached a plea agreement to conclude a misdemeanor assault case against him in Texas

The origins of the case trace back to June 2022 when Morris, before his enrollment at the University of Texas, faced allegations of assaulting an ex-girlfriend in the Dallas area. Subsequently, after concluding the 2022-2023 season, Arterio Morris decided to transfer to Kansas.

Initially, Arterio Morris was confronted with a Class A misdemeanor charge, which carried the potential of a year-long imprisonment. However, following a series of trial delays, Arterio Morris chose to enter a nolo contendere plea, more commonly referred to as a no-contest plea. This plea agreement pertains to a Class C assault misdemeanor, accompanied by a $362 fine, as elucidated by Morris’ legal representative, Justin Moore. This particular type of plea enables the defendant to acknowledge the consequences of the charge without expressly admitting any form of guilt.

Despite the legal proceedings, Texas authorities permitted Morris, a highly regarded national recruit originating from Dallas, to participate in all 38 games during the preceding season

During this period, the Longhorns advanced to the regional final of the NCAA Tournament. Impressively, Arterio Morris maintained an average of nearly 12 minutes of playtime and contributed an admirable 4.7 points per game.

This plea agreement marks a pivotal moment in Arterio Morris’ legal journey, providing resolution and averting a potentially protracted trial process. It allows Morris to focus on his athletic pursuits as he continues to make strides in his basketball career.


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