As a kind of persuasion, the Taliban publicly executes 3 individuals in 5 days—”their version of Sharia law”

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After months of inaction, the Taliban have carried out 3 public executions in the last week, a dramatic increase that is undoubtedly meant to scare the Afghan citizens, a source informed Fox News Digital.

“Our awareness of the scenario just shrinks daily; yet I believe the Taliban have an interest in establishing their power among the Afghan people,” Bill Roggio, who founded “The Long War Journal,” claimed.

“We must understand their primary reason for existing is to put down sharia, or Islamic law, on the Afghan individuals,” Roggio stated. “They see that as the top priority, and punishments for different crimes – robbery, or adultery or various other offenses – that is an excuse for them to charge Sharia.”

“I don’t think whatever that’s happening here is to convey a message externally,” Roggio said. “This is the Taliban establishing their control regarding the Afghan people.”

The 3 men were found guilty of murder by courts: The first man, Nazar Mohammad from the region of Faryab, murdered one person; the remaining two had fatally stabbed their victims. The Associated Press stated that while thousands of spectators observed in arenas, the loved ones of the victims shot the prisoners.

A witness, who requested to remain anonymous, stated that Nazar Mohammad had been shot 5 times by his brother, the man who was killed, and that there was heavy security surrounding the stadium. Mohammed’s death was authorized by 3 of the nation’s top courts as well as Hibatullah Akhundzada, the head of the Taliban.

According to separate declarations from the supreme court, a lady and a man found guilty of adultery were each given 35 lashes during the weekend in the northern Balkh province. In the eastern province of Laghman, two more persons were awarded 30 lashes apiece throughout the weekend for alleged immoral conduct.

“Viewed reports” of “3 public killings in 5 days” have been received by Fox News Digital, the State Department said, and the murders are “an insult to the integrity and human rights for all Afghans.”

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