At last, a judge challenges Biden’s abuse of authority and repression of free speech


It’s ending up more and more evident that there’s very little probability that anybody is going to be played responsible for the enormous mistakes, the violation of our rights, and the immeasurable harm performed to our kids as a consequence of the government’s COVID initiatives as time goes on and the coronavirus pandemic decreases more and more into the distant past.

However, we received some good news this past week in the form of an order passed by a federal judge in Louisiana amongst a sea of unresolved abuses of power.

Judge Terry Doughty issued the decision in a case filed by the Louisiana and Missouri attorneys generals and several people who had expressed concerns about how the government handled the disaster.

According to Judge Doughty, the plaintiffs had established that “the government utilized its authority to put down the opposition,” and the proof before him showed “the most significant assault towards free speech in United States history.”

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