Atlanta Rapper Arrested After Fatally Shooting Young Man; 2 Other Suspects Still At Large

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An Atlanta rapper was arrested after fatally shooting a young father while two other suspects remain at large.

FN DaDealer
An Atlanta rapper was arrested after fatally shooting a young man while two other suspects remain at large. (Photo: Daily News)

Atlanta Rapper Charged After Alleged Involvement in Fatal Shooting of 28-Year-Old Man Inside His Car

A 20-year-old Atlanta rapper named Jakobe Moody commonly called FN DaDealer, was charged after his alleged involvement in the fatal shooting of a 28-year-old man inside his car.

According to a report from Daily News, authorities received a report about a shooting incident in the Mechanicsville neighborhood, where the Atlanta rapper was involved and discovered the lifeless body of the 28-year-old man identified as Tremaine Glasper with gunshot wounds sustained from the Atlanta rapper and other suspects’ gunfire.

The Atlanta rapper was immediately arrested following the young man’s tragic death; however, the Atlanta rapper’s mother claimed that authorities might have mistaken her son for another person because the Atlanta rapper had no criminal record.

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Two Other Suspects Aside from Atlanta Rapper Remain At Large Following the Shooting Incident That Killed 28-Year-Old Man

Following the arrest of the Atlanta rapper, the suspect is being held in jail while facing multiple charges, including murder, which the Atlanta rapper strongly denied.

Aside from the Atlanta rapper, authorities are still looking for two other suspects, who remain at large following the shooting incident that cost the 28-year-old man’s life.

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