Attorney Challenges Official Account in Kentucky Man’s Fatal Shooting

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Last week, Jaggers, a 21-year-old man, was shot and killed by an undercover police officer, with authorities claiming he was attempting to carjack the officer.

Fatal Shooting
Fatal Shooting ( Photo: The New York Times )

In the aftermath of a fatal shooting involving Kentucky police, the attorney representing the family of Mark Jaggers Jr. is refuting the official version of events

However, attorney Aubrey Williams has brought forth a different narrative. Attorney Williams stated that Jaggers was actually confronting a suspicious vehicle with tinted windows parked behind his home. This location was reportedly a common spot for individuals to abandon stolen cars. Attorney Williams accused officials of presenting “a false face and caricature of the truth” in their description of the incident.

The Louisville police asserted that the undercover officer was in the process of apprehending a suspect in an unrelated investigation when Jaggers approached him. On Thursday, Kentucky State Police released body camera footage of the shooting. The video showed Jaggers walking towards the driver’s-side door of the unmarked police car, allegedly pointing a pistol at the officer as the door opened.

In response, the officer discharged several rounds, resulting in Jaggers falling to the ground

While the officer reported an attempted robbery, the footage captured Jaggers denying any plans for a robbery. State Police have stated that their investigation into the shooting is still ongoing. As the conflicting accounts continue to surface, the attorney representing the deceased man’s family is determined to seek justice and bring to light what they believe to be the true sequence of events leading to the tragic loss of Mark Jaggers Jr.


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