Author Lisa Mc Nair Tours the Nation Sharing Her Account of A Family Tragedy!

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  • Turning her family’s suffering into purpose, a woman travels the country. She shared her story in York County on Thursday.
  • In 1963, the KKK bombed a church in Birmingham, Alabama, killing Lisa McNair’s sister Denise and three other girls.
  • Most First Presbyterian Church of York attendees was curious about the speaker and her family’s story.
  • Lisa McNair, the author, said, “It was a horrible tragedy, but it was an important event in civil rights history and our American history.”
  • In 1963, four KKK members buried nearly a dozen sticks of dynamite under the 16th Street Baptist Church’s steps.
  • Lisa’s 11-year-old sister Denise and three other girls were murdered in the blast.
  • “Most civil rights stories aren’t taught in schools. So we need to know them so we don’t repeat history “Added McNair.
  • Though sensitive and emotional, she feels the themes are still pertinent.
  • “Denise’s murderer will be 60 years old next year. To prevent these incidents, we must work harder “McNair stated.

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