Barack Obama CNN interview: 5 key insights on Biden, 2024, Trump, Ukraine, and others


In a CNN interview broadcast Thursday night, former president Barack Obama stated that he doesn’t think President Joe Biden would have a significant primary battle throughout his 2024 reelection campaign and celebrated his former vice president’s time in the White House.

Obama spoke with CNN Chief International Anchor Christiane Amanpour in a lengthy sit-down interview from Athens, Greece, about a variety of topics, including the current accusations of former President Donald Trump, rising division in the country, the conflict in Ukraine, the development of AI, and more.

Speaking about Trump’s 2 accusations, Obama said it is “fewer than ideal” that both a former president and a top Republican presidential nominee are being investigated by the federal government.

However, the reality that a former president is facing criminal charges does support the basic concept that no one has power over the law, according to Obama.

Obama made the point that Trump is unsuitable for office, although without mentioning the former president via name.

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