Barbara Fried Defends Son Sam Bankman-Fried Amidst Legal Battle, Denouncing Unjust Treatment

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Barbara Fried believes various entities, including the U.S. Attorney’s Office and FTX’s bankruptcy estate, are responsible for her son’s legal troubles and the tarnishing of their reputations.

Barbara Fried Defends Son Sam Bankman-Fried
Barbara Fried Defends Son Sam Bankman-Fried ( Photo: KTSM 9 News )

Barbara Fried, the esteemed Stanford law professor and mother of Sam Bankman-Fried, is speaking out ahead of her son’s trial, decrying what she sees as the unjust treatment of her family

Barbara Fried expressed her dismay at the relentless pursuit of destruction and a credulous public’s assumption of her son’s guilt, without a thorough examination of the government’s case. Barbara Fried emphasized the time it takes to build an honorable reputation and how swiftly it can be destroyed.

Prosecutors allege that Bankman-Fried not only deceived investors but also partners and employees, suggesting that he may have exploited his parents’ academic standing for his exploitative enterprise. However, Barbara Fried staunchly defends her son, asserting his incapability of dishonesty or stealing.

While the lawsuit filed by FTX’s bankruptcy estate implicates Barbara Fried and her husband, Joseph Bankman, in alleged misappropriation of company assets, no charges have been filed against them by prosecutors. The couple maintains that the claims are entirely false.

Barbara Fried’s influence on her son’s political contributions is also highlighted in the lawsuit

It alleges that the couple benefited significantly from their association with FTX, both in terms of wealth and reputation. Despite facing legal difficulties of their own, Fried and Bankman are focused on supporting their son through this challenging time.

They secured his release from custody, putting up their Stanford campus home as security. Barbara Fried remains resolute in her dedication to her son, emphasizing that saving Sam is the paramount endeavor of their lives.


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