Biden poll results, according to Democratic strategist James Carville: “You Can’t Check at This and Not Tell That You’re Concerned”

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New poll results were a “concern” for President Joe Biden on Thursday, according to leading Democratic strategist James Carville.

When discussing a poll during a segment on CNN, Carville stated, “Well, I believe, to state the least, the polls weren’t great.” And it indicates that voters are showing some concern in this situation, you know. It’s fairly obvious. You can’t say much more while you approach them.

Carville was responding to a recent CNN poll in which it was discovered that the age of Biden was the top issue for 49% of likely voters. The poll also revealed that 39% of Americans approve of Biden, while 67% of Democrats and voters leaning Democratic think he shouldn’t be the party’s nominee.

Considering this, the poll indicated that Biden, except for a head-to-head contest with former US Ambassador Nikki Haley, is about balanced with or above every Republican nominee for president.

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