California Governor Approves Measure Authorizing Sale of Marijuana at Events, Including County Fairs

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Assembly Bill 128 aims to enable state regulators to grant permits to Cannabis Event Organizers, which shall be referred to by law as “a licensed agent allowing on-site marijuana sales to, and usage by, individuals 21 years of aged or older individuals at a county fair occasion, district agricultural partnership event, or at a different location specifically authorized by a local jurisdiction.”

On July 10, Governor Newsom approved the measure and made it law. The Assembly voted in favor of the legislation by a margin of 75 to 1, and the Senate voted in favor by a margin of 40 to 0 to pass it.

As stated in its legislative summary, “this bill will ask the Department of Cannabis Control to provide to the Department of Justice photographs of fingerprints along with additional associated data for criminal history info checks of specific staff members, potential workers, suppliers, and subcontractors.

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