California Man Kills 3 Teens Over Doorbell-Ringing Prank

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A California man killed three teenagers after a doorbell-ringing prank they pulled on him.

Anurag Chandra
A California man was convicted of killing 3 teenagers after a doorbell-ringing prank they pulled on him. (Photo: WDBJ)

California Man Rammed the Teenagers’ Vehicle, Killing 3 of Them

A California man named Anurag Chandra was convicted of killing three teenagers inside a Toyota Prius he intentionally rammed off the road and fled from the scene.

Authorities identified the victims of the California man as Daniel Hawkins, Drake Ruiz, and Jacob Ivascu, all 16 years of age, who were inside the Toyota Prius with three other teenagers who luckily survived the car accident.

The California man also confessed to being intoxicated in the car after drinking 12 beers hours before the accident and claimed that he did not know that the crash would injure—worst, kill—the teenagers inside, AP News reported.

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California Man Convicted of Multiple Charges

According to the California man, he got mad after the teenagers pulled a prank on him by ringing their doorbell and exposing his buttocks to him. It wasn’t a simple prank for Chandra because he became afraid for his family’s safety after the prank, which led to him following the teenagers’ vehicle.

The California man was convicted of first-degree murder and attempted murder with the testimony of other teenagers who survived the tragic incident.

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